Hello readers!! Thank you for checking out my page!

My name is Sierra Kay, I have always known that I love to write and have found joy in this outlet for creativity but am new to the blogging experience. I welcome any tips, criticism, questions or words of encouragement that you may have! I look forward to growing this site, I hope that you stick around for the ride and that if anything, you gain some inspiration from following me.

I live in the great PNW of the United States. I have an amazing fiancé Darren, we have been together for 10 years and we have a handsome fur baby, a 9 year old APBT named Solomon. I have many passions in life, some I am actually talented at (hahaha) and some that I am a beginner of. I love to write, crochet, DIY arts and crafts and explore nature. I plan to write about all of these things but as I grow I know that I will find what truly calls me and adjust my blog to that. As of right now I am in the learning stages and look forward to where my journey goes from here!


Sierra Kay


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